Whether you’re starting a new crowdfunding project on Kickstarter/Indie-go-go or just got one funded, you’ll need a website of some sort. For the most part, you could probably get away with a shared hosted solution from one of the various web hosting companies, but what if you’re like me and either want more control, higher performance and/or use it for some other kind of custom setup, you’re probably going to want your own server.

Seeing that I just setup another VPS, I figured I’d write up a mini guide to document the process so you can do the same.

Please note that some Linux experience is required.

But before we start….


VPS or virtual private servers are a great alternative over having to manage your own physical server. Most webhosting companies offer the service but there are also others that specialize in VPS servers. The two I recommend are Linode and DigitalOcean.

I’ve been a Linode user for about a decade now and very satisfied with the service and support. If you’re thinking of signing up and want a cheap way to thank me for this guide, you can click the following referral link:

Signup for a Linode account here

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