Clearly I’m not the only person that uses an iPhone (currently sporting an iPhone 5S). Sooner or later, I always run into another person who’s got one and usually complains about how crappy the battery life is on their phone. That’s when I usually look at them funny and tell them I have no problem with mine, but that’s because I turn off a lot of useless crap.

Just to help everyone I know out, here’s a list of things I do to save myself some battery power.

1. Turn off Push Mail

I’m not going to lie. When I used to have a Blackberry I used to check my e-mail religiously but I found that I wasn’t really all that productive about them. So instead these days I check e-mail a couple of times a day. Turning data push off on my e-mail saved me a lot of battery life during the day! If you’re not living and breathing off mission critical e-mails then you might as well do the same. To turn off Push Mail

Go to: Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars ->Fetch New Data->Push(Off)

On this screen, you can change the push, fetch, manual settings for some specific apps. Push is an auto update, Fetch is an update when the program is running, Manual is an update when you open the program and do a manual update.

If you scroll down to Fetch. You can set the fetch rate for programs that are using fetch. I set this to manual.

2. Turn off Location Services

Turning this off will increase battery life but you’ll lose the nice location tracking for photos, tweets and Facebook posts. If you’re like me and don’t care or if you’re paranoid about your privacy, you can turn off location services by going to

Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services

You can specify which apps can use your location. It can be set to Always, While Using and Never.

I pretty much turn everything to Never except for Apple Store(always), Calendar(while using), Compass(Always), Maps (while using)

Under Share My Location

I turn off Share My Location

On the bottom of the Location Services screen, look for System Services

Here, I turn off

Location-Based Alerts – I never use the location-based alerts. If you do, keep this on.

Location-Based iAds – No I don’t want ads specifically targeted to me based on location. Doubt anyone really ever does

Frequent Locations – I turn this off since I don’t care about finding stuff near me.

Product Improvement

Under this section, I turn everything off. This means Diagnostics & Usage, Popular Near Me and Routing & Traffic.

3. Turn off useless notifications

I personally hate having my apps nag me about random things. Unless it’s something really important, I don’t want a notification about it. To turn off notifications on your phone

Go to: Settings -> Notifications

In this screen you can specific which apps can notify you and how. For the most part, The only notifications I keep are

Phone, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, FaceTime(will probably turn this off), Messenger, Paypal, Twitter(will probably turn this off), Skype and Gmail (I use the normal mail app for personal e-mail and the gmail app for work accounts where I need to be kept up to date, once people start sending me useless e-mails this is getting turned off).

Everything else for me is turned off.

4. Disable Background App Refresh

Background app refresh is almost like an auto fetch for certain programs. I turn off most of these to conserve battery life and manually refresh app data. To do that yourself

Go to: Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh

I pretty much turn everything off here except for Skype.

5. Turn off Auto-Brightness

This is more of a personal choice than anything else. I hate having my phone get brighter or darker depending on the light. I’m old school. You can turn off auto-brightness by going to

Settings->Display &Brightness

6. Disable Perspective Zoom

This doesn’t really help a whole lot but it does help. Perspective zoom is the parallax 3D effect between the home screen buttons and the background. You can turn if off by

Settings->Wallpaper (select your wallpaper and choose to turn off Perspective Zoom,

That’s all I got! Hopefully that’ll help you conserve battery power!