(Image shamelessly stolen from the interwebs)

Ok maybe I’m not allowed to call myself Professor Budd yet, but starting this fall I’ll be teaching game development at Ryerson University through the Chang School fo Continuing Education. Literally just got off the phone with my program director and will be teaching C++ and CSharp.net for Game Dev and Game Mechanics for Game Dev. It’s two out of the three courses required to earn a certificate(Professional Development Award) for game development.

If you ever wanted to get into game dev pretty quickly, learn a thing or two from me or just wanted to give me a hard time as your prof, now’s your chance!!!

The 2016/2017 program guide for the courses I’ll be teach is now live at HERE

Planning on teaching C++ using Unreal and C# using Unity. My goal is to make learning how to program fun by making games. Pretty sure it’s going to be C++/C# for Game Dev in the fall and Game Mechanics for Game Dev in the winter semesters. All hands-on learning. I’d get bored listening to myself talk all day.

If you’re going to be attending the class let me know!!!