Recently I’ve noticed a whole slew of Facebook ads targeted at me for reconditioned laptops from Alienware and various other brands for under $200.

At first I thought they were all from the same vendor but they’re apparently the same ads from different vendors. I know every once in a while, there are some serious blowout deals like how I got my Xeon Phi card for 90% so I did some digging.

Going to the various websites, all the sites look the same and all claim to be in the IT Asset Management business for 10 years. While

Sound fishy yet? No?

Some deep digging reveals that they’re all registered to the same person in Alabama with the same throwaway email address.

Running multiple ads under different facebook pages that take you to different websites is not useful as a business unless you’re trying to get away from being exposed.

Why does that work?

Well let’s say I sell you something online and it turns out to be a scam. If you see a Facebook ad from me promoting the same thing, you’re most likely going to leave a negative comment/review urging others not to trust me. If there’s only one comment it might just be the odd 1%. But if there are a bunch of them, I’ve totally been exposed.It doesn’t work if I have a new identity or multiple identities pulling the same scam at the same time.

Do yourself a favour folks, I know Xmas is coming, but don’t let yourself get scammed. No one is going to liquidate a $2000+ laptop for $180 when they can easily be flipped on eBay for $700-$1000.

Note: I didn’t buy one of these nor did I get scammed. It just raised one too many flags and just wanted to make sure no ones xmas was ruined this year.