Game Design Canvas refinements

So I sent my Game Design Canvas to a few game designers I know and got some feedback on it. So far the feedback has mostly been positive although I did get one person tell me it seemed a little too simple but in mind, simple is good.

Any ways, added some changes to the current revision of the Canvas. Nothing really major though. Made the lines in the excel file easier to work with by merging the blocks in the same area so you can type in them easier. Also added word wrapping to all the boxes. Moved the player segment over to the left hand side swapping it with the technology/frameworks and metrics to better situate the areas. Seeing that the player segment is very much tied to the Minimum Viable Prototype/Product it made sense that it was right next to it. That and since the stuff on the top right of the canvas was more of the technical stuff it made more sense to put the technology/frameworks there.

It’s not a huge overhaul or anything but some nice refinements on a rather simple but effective tool. Keep the feedback coming folks. I do love reading what you all have to say. It just takes me some time to respond as I type wordy responses 😐



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