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Adobe Premier Audio Sync Issues

Being my own video editor sucks. For some strange reason when I load up certain videos into premier just to do something like ad music to or edit/trim a section off some, a lot of the times, the audio goes out of sync somewhere halfway through the recording. The weird thing was that the video is fine outside of Adobe premier!!!.

I was putting together the Abyssian Knights Kickstarter Post-Mortem for backers today and the sync started off ok but was pretty bad 3/4 into the video, so I decided to find a solution.

It turns out that my iPhone that I recorded everything with actually has variable frame rate recording. Even though I’m setting it to 1920×1080@30fps, the framerate isn’t locked at a solid 30fps. Thankfully Handbrake has an option to transcode videos to convert videos to either constant frame care or variable frame rate.


So I loaded up the video and started processing it. Fired up the video and the audio was properly sync only problem was.. the whole video was upside down!!! For some stupid reason Handbrake must not have understod Apple’s method to saw “this side up” so I had to dig up on the internet to find a way to rotate video.

After a bit of searching, I found that Handbrake can rotate video’s via command line. Turns out the command line options can also be entered as part of the advanced options.


The trick to fixing the upside down image as to use: Custom –rotate=3 (3 being 180% rotation).

Hope this helps anyone with a similar problem or at least I know it’ll help me when I make the same screw up again.





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